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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy


This website is owned and managed by Angels Hair Extensions and as a user we assume that you accept our terms and conditions on our website.  Furthermore you are aware that our terms and conditions may change and be updated from time to time


Angels Hair Extensions reserves the right to change/remove prices including promotional or sale prices at any given time without notice.  We also reserve the right to terminate any service provided to you at anytime without reason or given notice. 


Angels Hair Extensions are not responsible for any damage that may occur due to not adhering to the aftercare instructions or other products used on the hair extensions, such as different shampoos/conditioners, hair dyes, hair straightening temperature, blow drying or removal of your own extensions.  Dying the hair extensions is not recommend and Angels Hair Extensions will not be liable for people who attempt this or have an allergic reaction to hair dye.    


The hair extensions can cause some temporary discomfort and pain to clients when first applied, however this applies to the minority of our client group.  Angels Hair Extensions is not personally responsible for any pain or discomfort caused by the application of the extensions and a refund/discount or free removal will not be permitted.


A non refundable deposit of £50 will be required via Paypal or bank transfer to Angels Hair Extensions before hair supplies are ordered.  This will cover the costs of cancellations and delivery charges between Angels Hair Extensions, the supplier and the post office.


We also operate a non refundable policy and although the extensions can last approximately 3-4 months they are only guaranteed for 28 days.  All extensions are applied by a qualified person and although your personal opinion or that of someone else will be taken into consideration, the professional opinion at Angels Hair Extensions will be upheld.  



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