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Hair Model

Angels Hair Extensions is a fully qualified established service, which is mobile and can provide training certificates and insurance upon request. 


Whether the occasion is a party, wedding or just feeling the funky mood then Angels Hair Extensions can suit your style.  A consultation is always given prior to an appointment to ensure that the hair meets your needs and a colour match can be given using the colour ring.  A discussion on how to get the most out of your hair extensions and the aftercare are all discussed at the consultation.  As a client you also get a copy of the consultation form so if you forget anything that has been discussed you can always refer to it at a later date.  The consultation usually takes place in person, however if time is a problem for you busy career ladies or the location is too far then this can happen via the telephone and a picture of your hair can be sent to my email address


The remy hair that is used is 100% human to give you the most natural look and is cuticle correct.  Two or more shades of colour are applied to give you a natural finishing look, and highlights and low lights can also be achevied.  Alternatively a bold daring look can be acheived if desired by using our range of funky colours. 




Micro Bondings


The micro bonding extensions are the most professional looking and last 3-4 months, these have been used by celebrities! The glue on the bonds is keratin based so will not damage your natural hair and 125-200 of 1 gram strands are evenly applied to give a natural finishing look. 


A heat connector is used to apply the hair and not the old fashion glue gun method, which some salons still use.  There are many advantages to using this method, which include - Longer lasting bonds, minimal amount of bonds used and minimal shredding of the extension hair.


The hair can be washed, straightened and curled to give you perfect style.

Available in 14", 18", 20" and 22" length.

Micro Rings


The micro ring extension is slightly different from the bonding method and uses beads and a specialist tool to clamp the extension in place. 


The beads do come in a variety of colours which ensures all the beads and extensions can match the natural hair colour, giving you the finest natural look.  Around 150 strands of 1 gram hair are applied to give you the optimised finishing look.


This hair is also Remy which is 100% human and can be washed, straightened, and curled to give you a perfect style.   


Available in 14", 18" 20" and 22" length.

Nano Rings


The nano ring extension are applied very similar to the micro ring method but uses a bead almost half the size so is less detectable when wearing the hair up in various styles, and optimises less visibility. 

The beads also come in a variety of colours which ensures all the beads and extensions can match the natural hair colour, giving you the finest natural look.  Around 150-200 strands of 1 gram hair are applied to give you the optimised finishing look.

This hair is also Remy which is 100% human and can be washed, straightened, and curled to give you a perfect style.


This is by far the perfect method for clients with finer hair.


Available in 14", 18", 20", 22" and 24" length.

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