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 After Care


It is important that you maintain your hair extensions.  A maintenance is recommended 4-6 weeks after the extensions have been applied, and consist of Angels Hair Extensions checking and removing any matting that can occur through not brushing correctly and areas of the head you mainly sleep on.  We also fill you up with more extensions to maintain a voluminous look.  

Keeping your hair healthy

In order to keep your hair extensions looking natural, healthy and shiny we recommend that you use the correct products such as Balmain.  These products are specifically designed with use of hair extensions to maintain the optimised look achieved when first applied. These items can be found on the prices page, please request when booking your appointment. 


We recommended that you follow the aftercare instructions in order to prevent matting and keep your new hair extensions in its top -tip condition.  There are a few simple instructions to follow, which are listed below and Angels Hair Extension will also personally discuss these with you and leave your consultation form with you as this may be required at a later date.  







  • Before shampooing detangle from root to tip

  • Wash hair in an upright postion

  • Use the correct shampoos and conditioners. eg Balmain.

  • Ensure the hair is thoroughly dry before going to bed

  • Plait dry hair loosly at night or put in low ponytail

  • Use leave in conditioner/protective sprays when blow drying and using heat

  • Brush the hair like normal to prevent matting

  • Wrap hair in a towel if using a sunbed

  • Tie hair up when swimming or going in the sea and wash immediately after

  • Do not towel dry, pat in a downwards motion

  • Never go to bed with the hair wet

  • Remove the extensions by yourself

  • Do not brush whilst wet as this can cause extensions to become lose/fall out

  • Do not get heat/wax/oils/serums or too much conditioner close to the bonds

  • Try to avoid extensions getting wet whilst swimming/abroard

  • Do not get hair straightners, curling tongs close to the bonds as they can melt

  • Get products such as oils and syrums close to the bonds

  • It is advised not to colour/perm or tint the extensionsdit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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