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Micro bondings have a keratin glue base tip and are applied with a heat connector, using 280 degree heat to fuse the bond to the natural hair. This is NOT the old glue gun method which it is commonly mistaken for.  It is easily removed with no damage to the natural hair and comes in grade AAA remy hair, which is 1 gram per strand - the thickest on the market!


Thick Braids

Micro rings are applied using a 4.5mm plastic bead, these rings come in a variety of colours to match the natural colour.  This method can be reused and moved up so is preferable to some clients.  Again it is grade AAA remy hair that is used and is 1 gram per strand. All hair that is used at Angels Hair Extensions is  100%  human and cuticle correct.


           NANO RINGS 

The Nano rings are the newest method of hair extensions, these are a similar concept to the micro rings but have a smaller copper bead. At just 2.7mm it is pin sized making them less visible and detectable.  This method is reusable and suitable for all hair types including clients with finer hair, so no surprise the Nano rings are becoming by far the most popular method of extensions! 



"The best stylist in            the World!"

    With 10+years 

     of experience.


​"I've been using Angels Hair Extensions for years and highly recommend them, highly professional, honest, reliable and always accommodates my needs as im always changing my style!" Rachel -Staplehurst


"I Love my new hair, thanks Kelly for making it blend so well!" Chole - Folkestone

"I'm a model for Vogue magazine so as you can imagine my hair has to be perfect.  Kelly is great at using loads of colours and blending them meticulously to look natural for photo shoots.  She is definitely a perfectionist and cost me a fraction of the price it used too!"  Toya - Greenhithe


Essential Looks

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